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Sila service

Global Logistics :
Strict management procedures guarantee fast and efficient service at all times, long term professional arrangement and safe handling excellence assisted SILA obtaining special permit for airfreighting hazardous cargo worldwide on urgent needs.  

  • Operational excellence is our aim
  • Shipments by sea and air are professionally arranged on time and at short notice
  • Our forwarding and shipping agents operate very effectively and efficiently
  • SILA staff are skilled in handling shipments to North and South America, Europe, Africa and Australia, in addition to Asian countries
  • Queries from customers are taken care of and replied without delay
  • Customers are updated on shipments at short intervals
  • Shipping data and documents are passed on to customers immediately
  • SILA staff are university graduates with many years of experience
  • SILA staff are highly motivated and receive regular training to keep working spirit and efficiency at a high level
  • SILA staff act with the highest standards of ethical behaviour
  • SILA staff are personally accountable