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Sila quality

Sila Chemicals aims to produce pioneer class and environmentally appropriate products (with high added value) and to market them successfully all over the world. Quality of Sila is to offer products and services which meet the requirements of our external and internal customers perfectly, our customers’ satisfaction is therefore an important standard for our definition of quality.
Strict quality control management procedures guarantee consistent and optimal quality at all times, and innovative strength of SILA team continuously brings excellent improvement to the existing and the next expection of customers. 

  • Operational excellence is our aim
  • Every production batch is analyzed very carefully and has to meet our tight specification before release
  • Our laboratory is equipped with instruments of latest technology
  • SILA staff are mostly university graduates with many years of experience
  • SILA staff receive regular training to keep working spirit and efficiency at a high level
  • SILA staff are personally accountable
  • SILA highly qualified and motivated employees completely to identify with the customer and the goals of SILA., as we maintain offering committed employees opportunities for personal development and jobs secured by our strong performance.
  • SILA keeps close co-operation with our partners, products and processes are reviewed and improved on a regular basis, which comes to making continuous improvements in our company’s performance.