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HSE stand for Health(H), Safety(S), Environment(E) . At SILA Chemicals, health, safety, environmental protection are equal important target for achieving corporate objectives, in addition to high quality and optimal efficiency.

Our modern installations are closed circuit units where pollution has been reduced to an absolute minimum. Operational safety and energy saving are part of our philosophy.

Our commitment to “Responsible Care”, our environmental and social responsibilities, have insured us an excellent reputation to the public as well as to our customers. The concept involved in our business operating, you will only have customers when you have the public in your mind.

The work which our team are engaged are to contribute reduction of greenhouse gas emissions which would lead to global warming. All our products which we are producing and supplying to industrial fields, either greatly reduce Carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2 ), unburned hydrocarbon (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) directly from its applications, or catalytically improve the chemical reaction in industrial synthesis and scientific research in lab work, or environmentally friendly serve in related fields.  

After SILA started to develop a quality management system for the production sites, the existing quality management system was developed into an integrated management system which also addresses environmental and safety issues. Meanwhile the environmental safety management system was certified according to ISO 14001 at our production site.

The way we act as a company is based on the principles and international rules. Our business is always conducted in accordance with legal conditions and requirements. In addition to complying with the relevant environmental laws and procedures, we are also committed to continuously improving the company’s environmental performance. This also includes the company’s self-imposed commitment to making careful use of natural resources, manufacturing products which are safe to use and employing safe and environmentally friendly processes.

We only want to develop and market products for our portfolio of active ingredient preparations if they offer our customers in all parts of the world particular benefits and corresponding added value. For us, business excellence is not just about achieving maximum customer satisfaction but also about striving for leadership in quality, environment and safety by means of entire improvements continuously.

We encourage and help our suppliers to implement the same standards of quality, environmental protection and safety.

Our corporate culture depends on the way in which all employees identify strongly with their responsibilities. We promote and develop their understanding of quality, environment and safety systematically and in various ways. We understand that it is only with motivated and creative employees that we can meet our customers’ optimal requirements.

We strive to be a responsible producer of socially and environmentally acceptable products, safeguarding the health and safety of everyone that could come into contact with them in their use or during their manufacture, including our staff, our contractors, our customers, etc.

We commit to meet or exceed all the existing laws and regulations and to participate in voluntary programs with the aim of continued improvement of our performance and contribution to sustainable development.