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SunatreneŽ 100 - Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl

Sunatrene® series cover Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl(i.e. Sunatrene® 100, and MMT or M-CMT in brief) and Cyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl(i.e. Sunatrene®200, and CMT or Cymantrene), which are Manganese(Mn) based organometallic compounds with the main performance as octane enhancers effectively for automotive gasolines. These so-called half-metallocene compounds or more specifically a tri-carbonyl ligents complex, are prepared by further reduction to manganocenes, and conducted under critical conditions. In the synthesis of Sunatrene® 100 as the core product derivated from Methylmanganocene, other than the prototypical Sunazocene®(i.e. Ferrocene) in ferrocene chemistry, the manganese atom is coordinated in between three carbonyl groups and the only co-planar methylcyclopentadienyl ring, but with the maintained energy on the even pent-Mn-C bonds Sunatrene® 100 supports considerable catalytic properties as identical to Sunazocene® in the presence of the carbonylated tri-carbonyl ligents, its effectiveness catalyzing the combustion of automotive gasolines and boosting the octane performance to the energy issue in present world, are absolutely considered as the most acceptable application in the automotive field. With the world leading background involved in metallocenes chain of scientific research, industrial synthesis and application development. Sila Chemicals is adequate to address market needs on Sunatrene® 100 product series – Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl, as the highly effective octane enhancer for automotive gasolines,including unmet customers throughout optimizing the sustainable production, superior quality control, and continuous improvement capability against upgraded expectation in application fields.

In the formula of Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl, other than Manganocenes, the hydrophobic organic ligand makes Sunatrene ® 100 much highly lipophilic, and the liquid phase of this half-methylmanganocene supported by the carbonylated carbonyls is structurally and chemically highly toxic, and its direct exposure may develop neurological, respiratory, and reproductive toxicity. In the past decades, there have been serious concerns and substantial tests followed on its direct exposure damaging health effects, as well as metabolism of manganese and airborne manganese in emissions which may cause manganese accumulation in living organisms, and certain plants, etc, further theoretical analysis and comparative tests have been  ongoing. But still, no evidence has been finally available to confirm the concerns about potential public health impacts. However, its catalytic capability is highly identical to Manganocenes as monitored through long-term comprehensive research and comparison by Sila chemistry, and its catalytic performance to short-chain hydrocarbons is specifically superior. In the current automotive application which most multiple HC based fuel components often need to be combusted under critical timing/temperature condition controlled against power supply, the transition metal(Mn) based MMTs catalytic property just helps to break down unburnable components, optimizes energy consumption, reduces emissions, and performs superior anti-knock performance in gasoline fuels.  The Sunatrene® 100 in its original chemical (i.e.MMT) is highly toxic and not accessible by the general public, its accidental exposure inclusive gasoline spills, misuse of gasoline as a solvent cleaner, etc should be definitely avoided as chronic exposure will result in unhealthy effects. At Sila Chemicals, against the specific chemical toxicity properties of Sunatrene®, we operate the high-hazard chemistry maintaining safety as a priority for us, and inset safety and operational risk management into our mission. All products are safe in both manufacture and suppliability inclusive inert-gas seal protection and gas-liquid equilibrium throughout industrial operation, and the responsibility-cared mission is able to avoid one drop of feedstock/products away from the right systems, containers and packages. Against the challenge for long-term operable compatibility in between upgraded engine technologies and fuel octane enhancing performance, Sila Chemicals’ comprehensive capability in technology and innovative knowledge observed through long tradition of research involved in automotive application field will be able to insure the highly effective catalytic capability of Sunatrene® helpful to customers with the right quality and recommended dosage, and help to maintain the performance of three-way catalyst converter(TWCC) and on-board diagnostic equipment (OBD), as well as the compatibility to more devices equipped in modern designed engine systems.

What’s more, thanks to its mild but aggressive catalytic capability as optimized in Sunatrene® which not only develops anti-knock performance to light stream HC fuels even under critical combustion condition, this effective octane enhancer exactly is able to help automotive gasolines in a highly effective way, but the real-world road octane response is synchronously superior, all such combined catalytic performances are just able to meet the critical expectation in the current world. In Sila chemistry, the research and development in Metallocene incl. Manganocenes is also an endless mission as reinforced, by maintaining activities in application field as an impartible research program in long-term continuity, our focus reinforced on innovation will continuously help us to gain a leading position in every business which we are ready to launch the operation in the next, this business concept meets our mission of improving energy consumption throughout internal operation chain and related external services to downstream applications towards sustainable compatibility, and bringing out right technological contribution to responsibly care every period of the world.


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