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Application process

Make the best decision for your career

Apply to Sila chemicals, completing the following stages can be processed:
Stage 1: Apply

  • Submit your resume/CV to our HR department via E-mail:
  • Every person who applies for a position will receive an E-mail confirmation acknowledging receipt of his or her interest.
  • Our recruiters will review your resume for qualifications and job fit. If the recruiting line manager agrees with the recruiter’s assessment, then you will be contacted about the next stage.

Helpful tips:

      • Provide up-to-date information. Be sure your resume or the information reflects your most recent status and current contact information
      • Be honest about your skill and experiences
      • Be specific to demonstrate your achievements and success in ever jobs

Stage 2: Interview

  • If you are invited for interview, we will give you instructions in advance, as well as a briefing when you arrive at the site. For some, an interview with a HR representative and hiring line manager will suffice. For others, you may meet supervisor on your applied position for specialty assessment or technical interview.
  • You should expect to hear from us no later than one week from your interview date, though in some instances we may not have a definite decision for you.
  • All candidates applying for the same position will go through the same process to ensure that we treat individuals fairly and consistently.
  • It’s preferred that you wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Business casual attire will be fine.

Stage 3: Offer
Offers of employment are made by telephone. After the verbal offer, we will send a formal offer via postal mail.

Before You Join Us
Once you’ve accepted an offer from us, we will provide you with specifics regarding what you need to do to prepare for your career at Sila chemicals

Whatever career route you choose, we thank you for considering Sila chemicals and wish you every success with your studies and your future.