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Sunazocene® D is the brand name of Sila Chemicals' optimal grade product modified against stringent application needs in this chemistry. Sila Chemicals have been maintaining the leading position in the products family in ferrocene chemistry as with its Sunazocene® D superior active ingredient, and its typical formula chemical under the brand name Sunazocene® F.

Of ferrocene chemistry, the core product ferrocene itself and its derived formulas are the complex with limited stability in both its solid exposure condition to air, and the transformed liquid. With the symmetric and uncharged species, ferrocene is highly soluble in most non-polar organic solvents, and quite less soluble in polar phase. The chemical conclusion as traditionally carried out is only that, ferrocene is relatively stable to temperatures as high as 400 °C.

With the innovation directed research operation throughout internal R&D and external field application monitoring experience, the fact that Sila Chemicals has already been developing amazing discoveries in addition to the existing ferrocene chemistry proves the chemical property upgrade feasible. We believe, our unique set-up and research in a long-term continuity involved in industry/ chemistry, will continue to assist our innovative research and development capably towards an endless scientific needs.

Thanks to the strong chain support of research and development capability of our own, our innovative idea and application expertise have been able to be transferred into production preparation continuously targeting operational excellence, streamlining processes, better utilising resources, and improving productivity, all such advantages help to build our worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer in high performance chemistry.

As supported by our innovative management concept continuously reinforcing on both the application fields with long-term monitoring observations & product synthesis research technology, our Sunazocene® products have been making a significant contribution to meeting performance requirements safely in highly efficient organic synthesis, lubricants, automotive fuels, boiler fuels, and coal, etc. “For us, no problem is an end, the role played by SILA is just an exact end solution costly and effectively brought to customers within entire chemistry,” Says Sila chemicals Technical Directors Dr. Zhang YongChang & Dr. W. Langensiepen. “The innovative management concept has been enabling us to just estimate problems for the next and bring suitable solutions ready back.”

Depending on application options technically, our products Sunazocene® D, Sunazocene® F can also be used respectively in various industrial fields costly and effectively.


Chemical Composition



Melting range

Stability test

Hazard class

Sunazocene® D

Dicyclopentadienyl iron


Brownish Orange powder

Min. 175


Xi, F

Sunazocene® F 

Dicyclopentadienyl iron 102-54-5

Yellowish to Orange powder


Not requested

Xi, F

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