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SunazoceneŽ derivatives

Suitable catalysts are the key to meeting stringent requirements in further important applications, as well as in optimal organic synthesis. In particular, the Sunazocene derivitives can just maintain the highly catalytic activity & enhance impact resistance in maximum thereby ensuring more compatible performance & higher productivity.

For further information on any specific item of SunazoceneŽ derivatives, select one of the product document areas below to contact us.

Product code Products Name Cas No  
A0363 1-Acetyl ferrocene
A0941 Acetyl ferrocene 1271-55-2
A0221 Amino ferrocene 1273-82-1
A0251 tert-Amyl ferrocene 53954-86-2
B0242 Benzoyl ferrocene 1272-44-2
B9110 N-(tert-butoxycarbonyl)amino ferrocene
D4628 1,1'-di-n-Butyl ferrocene 1274-08-4
B0197 Butyl ferrocene 31904-29-7
B1208 n-Butyl ferrocene 31904-29-7
B0108 Butyryl ferrocene 1271-94-9
C0041 Cyclohexenyl ferrocene
C0040 Cyclopentenyl ferrocene
D2626 1,1'-Diacetyl ferrocene 1273-94-5
D2606 1,1'-Dibenzoyl ferrocene 12180-80-2
D2470 1,1'-Dibromo ferrocene 1293-65-8
D2416 1,1'-Dibutyl ferrocene 1274-08-4
D2428 1,1'-Dibutyryl ferrocene
D2204 1,1'-Dicarboxyl ferrocene
D4552 Dichloro[1,1'-bis-(diphenylphosphino) ferrocene]nickel(II)
D0810 Dichloro(1,1'-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene)palladium (II) dichloromethane adduct 95464-05-4
D4082 1,1'-Dihexanoyl ferrocene
D2468 1,1'-Dihexyl ferrocene
D0185 (R)-(+)-1-(Dimethylamino)ethyl ferrocene 31886-58-5
D1285 alpha-(N,N-Dimethylamino)ethyl ferrocene 31904-34-4
D0407 N,N-Dimethylaminomethyl ferrocene 1271-86-9
D1484 N,N-Dimethylaminomethyl ferrocene methiodide 12086-40-7
D0270 1,1'-Dimethyl ferrocene 1291-47-0
D0680 1,1'-bis-(Diphenylphosphino) ferrocene 12150-46-8
D2618 1,1'-Dipropyl ferrocene
D0278 bis-(Ethylcyclopentadienyl)iron 1273-97-8
E0298 Ethyl ferrocene 1273-89-8
E0290 Ethynyl ferrocene 1271-47-2
F0047 Ferrocene acyl amine
F0048 Ferrocene acyl chlorine
F0944 Ferrocene aldehyde 12093-10-6
F0242 Ferrocene boronic acid 12152-94-2
F1046 Ferrocene carbonylamino
F0216 Ferrocene carboxaldehyde 12093-10-6
F0227 Ferrocene carboxylic acid 1271-42-7
F2666 Ferrocene-1,1'-dicarboxylic acid
F0265 Ferrocene methanol 1273-86-5
F1047 Ferrocene thiocarboxamide
H1041 Hexanoyl ferrocene
H0239 Hexyl ferrocene 1274-03-9
H1267 alpha-Hydroxyethyl ferrocene 1277-49-2
H1265 Hydroxymethyl ferrocene 1273-86-5
D2550 1,1'-bis-(di-isopropylphosphino)ferrocene 97239-80-0
M1266 alpha-methyl ferrocenemethanol 1277-49-2
O0248 Octanoyl ferrocene
P0245 Pentanoyl ferrocene
P1505 1,2,3,4,5-Pentaphenyl-1-(di-tert-butylphosphino) ferrocene 312959-24-3
P0291 Pentyl ferrocene 1274-00-6
P4299 Propiolyl ferrocene
P0299 Propyl ferrocene 1273-89-8
D2556 (+)-1,1'-Bis[(2R,4R)-2,4-diethylphosphotano] ferrocene
D2557 (-)-1,1'-bis-(2S,4S)-2,4-(Diethylphosphotano) ferrocene
V0218 Vinyl ferrocene 1271-51-8
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