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Ferrocene chemistry

Ferrocene, this prototypical metallocene with the formula Fe(C5H5)2, is the typical metallocene compound containing the iron transition metal and two cyclopentadienyl ligands coordinated in a typical sandwich structure. Thanks to the two co-planar cyclopentadienyl anions with equal bond lengths and strengths to the ferrous core, such specially formed oxidation state in metallocene family exhibits considerable catalytic properties, the rapid growth of research pursuits and application needs in metallocene chemistry is basically attributed to the importance of ferrocene discovery. For Sila Chemicals, the research-driven business operation has been contributing continuous progress to such field throughout chemistry, and targeting to further accelerate the ongoing growth of organometallic chemistry as well through combining application experiences monitored in long-term continuity.

In Ferrocene formula, this 18-electron and noble gas electron configurations based aromatic complex with the fact of lower energy on the individual bonds in the general conformation chemically makes ferrocene stability less ideal other than that as disclosed in the theoretical analysis up to the present, and this stability limit in the conformation unavoidably lead to further action evaluating the catalytic performance in related application fields, and continuous scienfitic research. In Sila chemistry, innovative research is particularly maintained in long-term continuity combining application experience to develop against the durability and compatibility problems as quite occasionally experienced in severe application conditions on compatible system developing trend, such as the compatible problem to newly designed combustion engines which is just a typical representative as widespreadly experienced adversely in the recent decade, as well as optimal catalytic properties expectation in all related applications. In addition, depending on specific application needs, the variety in conformations of the metallocene complex still chemically leaves much potential room towards final expectation through further scientific research in this core representative of metallocene chemistry. Superior efficient synthesis progress in conjunction with severe application request as monitored in real-world application fields has been making such technical expectation finally possible. All the action against problems, innovated targets and operation excellence have been proving the professional role taken by Sila Chemicals right compatible to the responsible future in the involved fields.

Sila chemistry could be indeed, and should not be only referred as the “specialist in ferrocene chemistry”, because the products successfully assisted customers in important industries & fields, and because our innovative research & quality management concepts as continuously driven in this ferrocene chemistry have been able to insure our products fully meeting the latest request for efficient formulations, optimal and compatible performance in various requests of applications, meanwhile of maintaining its excellent adaptability to the general demands in conventional performance applications. Moreover, our specialist role is not localized only in ferrocene chemistry, but have been ready to expand great contribution to entire metallocene based organometallic chemistry and its downstream applications which have been impartible to our innovative research and development strategy.

All such successes can only be available from such a source who bear superior product technology pursuits, expert services and extensive technical progress as amassed through long-term close monitoring observation in application fields, Sila Chemicals are just the right role of delivering custom-solutions that are able to meet the latest demand and performance, and contributing to improved reliability and durability, as well as the compatibility which should be very much preferable in the existing economic activities generally. Our field experience combined with the special application knowledge which we have gained over decades with a long-term continuity in this application market enables us to build up our worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer based expert in ferrocene chemistry & specialty chemicals, hence to create added value for customers.

What’s more, Sila Chemicals’ innovative chemical components are never just containers or packages full of solids or liquids. Rather, our activities are always accompanied by innovative ideas and service concepts designed to help Sila Chemicals customers greatly reinforce their existing position in their conventional markets, and develop added value effectively. Sila Chemicals have been reinforcing investment in and implementing new technologies to insure ways available to honour this responsibility, as we bear in mind, we will always be ready to offer the next and future to customers. All activities enhanced by customers using our products contain not just active ingredients, but above all countless ideas and solutions from ready prepared innovative activities.

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